What my clients say….Their Words Not mine!

“Having cared for my parents in their home for four years, I felt completely overwhelmed when I was faced with the prospect of both my parents being admitted to a nursing home. This was partly due to being their only child, so the responsibility of making the application for the Fair Deal scheme and choosing a nursing home for them lay entirely with me. When I found Larry Power’s website I felt an immense relief when I realised he was exactly who I was looking for.  He gave me tips about choosing a nursing home, told me exactly what I needed to fill in the Fair Deal forms and when I had everything  ready, he helped me complete the forms.  I am a believer in getting things right first time to avoid delay in processing forms and thanks to Larry the HSE did not need to revert back to me for anything.  The whole process was completed and my parents admitted to a nursing home within six weeks. They are very happy and I feel  I have got my life back – thanks Larry for everything.  I could highly recommend you!”

Full Time Carer – Dublin


Larry Power has looked after my accounts for the past couple of years. He is an extremely courteous and gentle man, very approachable especially during the past six months as I am now living in permanent residential care. He explored the Fair Deal scheme on my behalf with the minimum fuss. I was fully confident of his knowledge and expertise in this area.”

Mildred O’Brien

 “I met Larry Power for the first time about six months ago.  He had been looking after my mother’s accounts for the past few years and as she was in hospital and we were looking at the possibility of full time care for her, I contacted him to ask his advice about the Fair Deal scheme. He could not have been more helpful or sympathetic. I was impressed by how well he knew my mother and indeed I could see immediately why she had always spoken so highly of him.  He fully understands how Fair Deal works, which was a relief as few seem to, and is able to explain it in simple terms. “

Susan O’Brien